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Maltese Kennel of Wittenhouse
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  Select the number of generations you will want displayed in the pedigree.
For most computer printers printing in landscape mode, 5 generations is the max. choice and by this recommended!
  Enter the name, or partial name, from the registered or call name of the Maltese to search for.
  • If you use slow search, e.g. "witten" will find all Maltese whose name, nick name or registration no. contain the letters "witten",
    including all those containing "Wittenhouse". Slow search is more thorough and accurate and by this
  • If you use fast search, you must provide a full word (not a partial word) for matches to show up; for example, entering "witten"
    will find all Maltese whose names contain the word "witten" but would not find those whose names contain "Wittenhouse".

For successful searches, please use a word longer than 3 letters and omit any 's at the end.

  The Maltese Data Base (MDB) with 39,176  records from all over the world. Last update  October 22nd, 2011.  
  Perform fast search by full word.
Perform slow search by partial word, full word, or multiple words.

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If you want to add, correct or complete data please let me know. Here you'll find some further notes for using the MDB.

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  NOTE: This page and URL is longer valid and will be shut off in the next days!
PLEASE use only this URL for searching Maltese dogs in the future!
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